Prudent Action

In light of the consistent natural disasters that we’re seeing around the world, I want to diverge a moment from the topics of genetically modified foods, our broken food system and the perpetrators involved in the food crimes I’ll continue to write about.

It must be obvious to us all that we’re entering new and frightening territory which will require unique approaches to ensure our and our family’s health and survival.  The time to prepare for the next disaster is now, but how does one go about the task?

I can only spell out the steps I’m taking personally and let each reader decide what is appropriate in their specific circumstances.

I don’t consider my actions alarmist nor am I sitting here preparing for the “end of the world”.  But what happened to the good common sense of being as prepared as possible for the realities that exist and the probabilities that are already happening?

So here’s my plan:

I have a 3-month’s supply of food stored.  I have rice, oats, beans, flour, sugar, salt, vinegar, olive oil, dried milk, baking powder and yeast.  I don’t store canned food and my next post will discuss why.


We’re lucky.  We have a well on our property but we still have several 10-gallon jugs of water hanging around.


I’ve got rubbing alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen and a good first aid kit.  I’ve got candles and plenty of wood for heat.  I’ve got potassium iodine.


My main goal for this summer is to grow and purchase as much fresh produce and fruit as possible.  I will can, freeze and dry in most of my free time.  We will put up two deer this fall as well as turkeys and fish.   Wild game is the healthiest meat you can eat these days.


We are working on a generator system for back up power knowing that all the frozen food could be gone quite quickly.


I’m seeking supplies of meat, eggs and dairy that I can participate in directly.

I know people are overwhelmed right now; I sure am.  The scope of devastation and death we’ve been witnessing over the past few years is hard for the human psyche to comprehend.  The feelings of powerlessness, helplessness and rage are real; the intense grief mind-numbing.

Taking good constructive action is a powerful antidote to the depression and fear.  There are only two more things I would recommend:

The people you love?  Make sure they know how much; take every opportunity to express your appreciation that they’re in your life.

Get educated.  Take the time.  Face the truth and act accordingly.

Oh, one more thing.  Notice the powerful full moon tonight and send out healing thoughts and energy when you do.

I would appreciate any suggestions or ideas about how you’re taking action.  Leave me a comment!

Thank you for visiting Eve’s Daughter.


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