Asphalt, Concrete, Lawns and Golf Courses

These are the things that surround me now, the unlandscapes I gaze upon when waking, walking, brooding, and finally, retiring to dreams of Clooney and Depp and a nectar that doesn’t destroy.  There is hardly what could be called a “landbase” left in this country of my girlhood, but the subtropical clime is always attemtping to reclaim itself from the alsphalt, concrete, lawns and golf courses.  Weeds pop up through the sidewalks, tendrils of wild ivy claw at closed windows, air conditioning whirring a cold froth in the rooms of the civilized.  The dogwood, magnolia and gardenia offer their stark white blossoms as if in pennance for our sins.  They still grow wild here but we prune them and cut them and mold them and spray them to “protect” them from the rest of nature so that they fit our groomed gardens, our ideas of order and control.

I turned a turtle around headed straightlong for the busy road this morning.  Turned him around to the creek that runs nearby, the one coursing with all the chemicals from the surrounding asphalt, concrete, lawns and golf courses.  I had only the lesser of two evils to offer him, maybe not even that.  I’m pretty sure he laughed at me as he meandered back towards the only water available.

I saw a writhing bright black and white kingsnake on the same road yesterday and have requested he be my temporary totem.  He laughs at me a lot but he’s willing to dialogue between chuckles.  He doesn’t hate me, he just feels sorry for me.


4 responses to “Asphalt, Concrete, Lawns and Golf Courses

  1. Cindy Forrest

    I feel your pain but while you’ve been experiencing the wonder, beauty, and expanse of the great northwest, I’ve been here continuing to love and cherish the beautiful landscapes and climate we grew up in. Come with me. I’ll show you some of the amazing land & water bases that still exist here or nearby….the great Smoky Mountains (trout fishing, camping, hiking, kayaking, whitewater rafting), the Hooch (contaminated but still beautiful and needs our care), the Flint, Cochran Mill, Cumberland Island (we have to go camping), the Okefenokee, FDR (there is a beautiful trail I like to hike), and many more. Don’t despair, it’s here. You just have to walk through all the trees to see it. I’ll show you. Love ya, Cindy

  2. Can’t wait. I know, I’m not getting out enough!! Love you.

  3. Thank you for doing what’s right. That snake is beautiful, as is your worldview and writing. Thanks for sharing!

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