Rustic Repast

I eat what I’ve come to call a “rustic” diet.  I call it rustic because it is simple, it’s created from what’s local and available, and it’s founded on the principle that a few good ingredients go a long way.  Rustic food is medicinal in nature, but you won’t be turning your nose up at this medicine.    A rustic diet poses no restrictions on the types of food one eats;  you can be a rustic vegetarian as easily as a rustic carnivore.

There’s really only one rule when it comes to rustic eating:  ENJOY!!  Love your food and let it love you back; revel in the textures, smells, visual beauty and the gift that your food provides.   The gift is life itself.

The key ideas in rustic eating are to cook yourself from organic whole ingredients, avoid processed food, avoid genetically modified or pesticide and hormone laden food, get as much as possible locally or grow it yourself, and share, share, share.

Eating rustically means having a relationship with your food, a really good relationship with your food.  Think about all food does for us:  it heals, it sustains, it provides pleasure, it connect us with those we love.  Giving thanks on a daily basis is a big part of rustic eating.

In that spirit, I’d like to especially thank my dad for passing along a love of food and a model of sustainable eating.

I’m excited to share my recipes for rustic repast that will make your mouth water, your tummy sing and your spirit soar.  And don’t worry, there will be no 30 ingredient recipes here.


One response to “Rustic Repast

  1. Cindy Forrest

    Can’t wait to see more recipes.

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